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The COVID-19 pandemic is going to create desperate rats, which once had restaurant scraps and such to eat but now have to go scrounge elsewhere, like your house, The Washingtonian reported.

The Washingtonian spoke with rodent expert Bobby Corrigan, who put it this way:

Corrigan says the rats will first go into “panic mode” and start running around in the streets to look for food in their usual areas. So don’t be surprised if your usually rat-free neighborhood is suddenly swamped with fuzzy creatures cavorting in broad daylight. Once the rodents realize their go-to buffets are closed, they’ll begin to turn on each other and go Full Cannibal. And yeah, rats that are more inclined to “flight” than “fight” will forage for new food supplies, and potentially make their way into your garbage can or kitchen.

In New Orleans, where the French Quarter has gone quiet, people said the rats are much more visible than normal.

Speaking of rodents, mice are widely used in research labs and Science Magazine reported that labs are euthanizing thousands of them because of the coronavirus.

University laboratories say they have to kill lab mice because of the “stay at home” orders that leave nobody to attend to the care of the creatures. Science Magazine said there is no evidence that labs are killing larger animals, like dogs or monkeys, and that mice make up about 95% of all lab animals in the U.S.

Some of the mice are quite valuable to researchers because of their unique breeding that is designed to fit genome profiles that the scientists are studying. The Jackson Laboratory is the world’s biggest supplier of lab mice and has said it is deeply involved in coronavirus research.

Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠

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