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The alarming rise of Hamas in America America is headed towards very serious and blinding headwinds. Opinion.

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America is headed towards very serious and blinding headwinds. Opinion.
posted 25m ago via Arutz Sheva News

Weekly Torah Study: Lech Lecha
posted 35m ago via Arutz Sheva News

Justice Minister Yariv Levin spoke about his efforts to establish an emergency government.
posted 35m ago via Arutz Sheva News
Macron urges to open Gaza humanitarian corridor for French nationals  Hindustan Times
Frankly Speaking: Does Israel have a right to defend itself?  Arab News

Killed in fierce Kissufim battle on October 7; helped saved lives of some 50 soldiers and civilians The post Staff Sgt. Jonathan Savitsky, 21: Fended off Hamas to retake IDF post appeared first on The Times of Israel.
posted 27m ago via The Times of Israel

In this article I will try to provide an answer to the “simple” question of why G-d made woman.
posted 25m ago via – Homepage

An interview with Eduard Shyfrin – founder of the theory of the Kabbalah of Information.
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Israel and the Jewish people are serving humanity on the front line of what could become a global reckoning for organizations of Islamist terror.
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Even though Hamas is unable to replicate the scale of the Holocaust, one cannot ignore the numerous voices that rightly point to experiential elements and ideologies that exhibit similarities.
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“We talk candidly, we talked directly, we share our views and an unvarnished way and we will continue to do that,” Jake Sullivan said.
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Bibi’s War: How Incompetence, Opportunism, and Rejection Led to a Catastrophe for Israel and Palestine  Rolling Stone
posted 23m ago via “Netanyahu” – Google News
Netanyahu Apologizes for Blaming Israeli Officials in Hamas Attack  The New York TimesNetanyahu apologises for blaming Israeli security chiefs for Hamas attack  Al Jazeera English’Crossed Red Line’: Netanyahu Apologises For Blaming Israeli Security Chiefs  Hindustan Times
posted 23m ago via “Netanyahu” – Google News
Thousands Break Into Aid Warehouses In Gaza As Deaths Top 8000 And Israel Widens Ground Offensive  HuffPost
posted 21m ago via “Gaza” – Google News
Video: Drone footage shows extensive damage near Gaza refugee camp  CNN
posted 21m ago via “Gaza” – Google News
Iranian Diplomat: Iran Free To Do Any Missile Activity As UN …  Iran Front Page – IFP News
posted 18m ago via “Iran” – Google News
Israel-Hamas War News Live Updates: Civil order breaking down in Gaza, says UN as thousands loot aid from warehouses  The Indian Express
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