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Covid-19-Review: Newsweek: Gangs of hungry, violent rats take over the streets of U.S. cities. | M.N.: My Opinion: These "hugry, violent", cannibalistic, "crazy" rats are suck and psychotic: they lost their senses of smell and taste – which is the symptom of the new, "novel" (Sars-Cov-2) Coronavirus infection, that is why they are not able to find any food and get satiated. This has to be researched and dealt with.

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mikenov on Twitter: Gangs of hungry, violent rats take over the streets of U.S. cities
mikenov on Twitter: NYC’s rat population may surge due to drop in inspections amid coronavirus – New York Daily News
mikenov on Twitter: Search Results The New York Times ‘Aggressive’ Rats May Increase During Pandemic, C.D.C. Says They’re simply turning on each other. Dr. Corrigan said there are certain colonies of rats in New York News – rats in new york – Google Search
mikenov on Twitter: number of rats in New York City was unknown, and a common urban legend declared there were up to five times as many rats as people. Wikipedia rats in new york – Google Search
mikenov on Twitter: rat infestation in chicago – Google Search
mikenov on Twitter: RT @WashTimes: With Black Lives Matter now practically synonymous with Justice for George Floyd, public figures and even private ones c
mikenov on Twitter: RT @EpochTimes: The US imposed its toughest #Sanctions ever targeting #Syria’s President #BasharAlAssad to choke off revenue for his govern
mikenov on Twitter: RT @thehill: Bolton book suggest Pompeo has dim view of Trump: reports
mikenov on Twitter: RT @RepSwalwell: Lets never forget that the most damning things we have learned about @realDonaldTrumps corruption have not come from his
mikenov on Twitter: RT @NYPDnews: WANTED for ASSAULT on a POLICE OFFICER: Know him? On 5/30 at 10:22 PM, in front of 80 University Place in Manhattan, he thr
mikenov on Twitter: RT @Forbes:
mikenov on Twitter: RT @WashTimes: By 15-point margin, voters support keeping Confederate names on military bases
mikenov on Twitter: RT @dpakman: John Bolton’s allegations are so serious, it’s irresponsible of him not to have made them public sooner
mikenov on Twitter: RT @MailOnline: India says its soldiers were mutilated after being beaten to death by Chinese soldiers
mikenov on Twitter: RT @NYPD19Pct: We UES
mikenov on Twitter: Calls of Rat Issues in Chicago Increasing During Coronavirus Pandemic, Data Shows NBC Chicago
mikenov on Twitter: RT @FrankFigliuzzi1: Vindman is a hero; that why Trump may block his promotion: Role in Trump’s impeachment casts shadow over Lt. Col. Alex
mikenov on Twitter: Researchers report rare neurological condition in a few COVID-19 patients | CTV News
mikenov on Twitter: RT @AEI: History shows that only through strength can the US hope to persuade our competitors to agree to meaningful arms control measures.
mikenov on Twitter: Scientists who compared the genes of patients in Europe found that those who had Type A blood were more likely to have severe disease while those with Type O were less likely. Study ties blood type to COVID-19 risk; O may help, A hurt | The Seattle Times
Saved Stories – TWEETS BY MIKENOV: RT @lawcrimenews: Suspect in Assault on 92-Year-Old Woman Identified as Rashid Brimmagea Convicted Sex Offender Who Has Been Arrested More


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