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July 5, 2022 3:26 pm

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CoronaVirus News Review In Brief: The News And Times: Capitol Attack has paramilitary features and was carefully and professionally planned in advance. Trump speech on 1.6.21 appeared to be a signal… | Military investigating whether service members participated in US Capitol assault | T

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Capitol Siege and Attack of 1.6.21 

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Capitol Siege and Attack of 1.6.21 from Michael Novakhov on Inoreader
Reports: Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller was in mob that stormed US Capitol
Several former teammates and coaches identified Keller in images and videos posted online, which showed the former Olympic athlete at the Capitol riot …
PHOTO: This man is wanted in connection to the Capitol riots
The senator originally said the man in the photo was a suspect in the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, a 12-year veteran of the force who …
Top military leaders condemn ‘sedition and insurrection’ at Capitol, acknowledge Biden win
The nation’s top military commanders condemned last week’s acts of “sedition and insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol. The message from the nation’s …
Sanford firefighter faces charges for his role in Capitol riot
Andrew Williams pictured inside Capitol building. Adrienne Cutway, Web Editor. Published: January 12, 2021, 6:17 pm.
Three US Lawmakers Are COVID-19 Positive After Capitol Riot Confinement | Voice of America …
“Last Wednesday, after narrowly escaping a violent mob incited by the president of the United States to attack the Capitol and its occupants, I was forced …
What the Capitol insurgency reveals about white supremacy and law enforcement
Make no mistake, the Capitol insurgency was about making America great for white people. In erecting a hangman’s noose, waving the Confederate …
Decoding the hate symbols seen at the Capitol insurrection
A noose and gallows erected by Trump supporters stands before the Capitol on January 6. While some symbols of violence and white supremacy seen …
‘It was like looking at evil’: The Capitol attack through the eyes of the Massachusetts delegation
From his office window at about 7:30 a.m. last Wednesday, the Marine veteran uneasily watched a small, “ragtag” group of Capitol Police officers get …
Snapp Shots: Biden must find way to heal US after Capitol attack
Snapp Shots: Biden must find way to heal U.S. after Capitol attack. Worst damage of all Jan. 6 was to what building and its historical artifacts represent …
Trump defiant on Capitol attack, as House accelerates push for impeachment
But defenders of President Trump keep repeating it. The hunt for those who assaulted the Capitol is also in full swing. Steven D’Antuono: I want to stress …
Republicans fear donations crunch in wake of US Capitol attack
The ill-fated effort to overturn the result, and the violent assault on the US Capitol that followed, has prompted a backlash among a constituency that …
CNN has best ratings day ever for Capitol attack
During the storming of the Capitol itself on Wednesday afternoon, CNN averaged nearly 9 million viewers and kept up its advantage into prime time, an …
CoronaVirus News Review In Brief

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