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The CoronaVirus Alerts

December 7, 2022 5:11 am

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Are we in the middle of the Biological attack on the Western Civilization? Is this hypothesis investigated in honest?

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Are we in the middle of the Biological attack on the Western Civilization?

Did it start in about 2018, and was prepared a decade earlier, around 2008? 

Compare with Putin’s lifeline, his hypothetical poisoning with Dioxine, (by the Chechen separatists, with the Crimean Tatar family and Ukrainian Intelligence as the covers?) and the grab of Crimea soon after that; this is the Putin-3 period of his rule. 

The recently emerged 2022 Monkeypox world outbreak has some common features with the previously manifested, and still ongoing outbreak of the still, to a degree hypothetical Coronavurus infections, some other infections viewed as the potential effective bioweapons, such as the Hantaviruses, and it seems to me, quite possibly a number of other infections, most likely viral, in tow. 

These common features are the massive involvement of rodents, which are historically very conveniently and commonly used the agents of transmission, and the mixed type of transmission: close contact and the  oral-fecal-respiratory routes

These common features may be showing the common patterns of the transmissions, and the pattern may point in the direction of the possible causes of the hypothetical Biological Attack. 

Note the rapid proliferation of the rodents populations in all the large world cities during the last decade or so. 

ARE THEY FED THE INFECTIOUS MATERIALS on a mass scale from the lavish bouquette of the varoius severe infections, known as the possible and potential bioweapons? This would be very crude but efficient approach. 

WAS THIS COMBINED WITH THE MODERN GENE EDITNG TECHNIQUES, to enhance ‘the function”, or simply speaking the pathogenicity and virulence of this mixed bioweapon? 

All this is quite possible and is even likely. 

Who could be behind this scientific – military enterprise? 

Various clues, including the timing of the events, suggest that the most immediate actors are the Russian (Speaking) Mob, in alliance with the Russian Intelligence Services, including the Zolotov’s Rosgvardia and other services, including the several “super-secret” ones under the direct control of Putin. 

However, the real “masterminds” are likely to be the New Abwehr, I think. 

Putin is their agent, ready to be deposed and discarded. 

Russian Speaking Jewish Mafia are their foot soldiers. 

Various orthodox Jewish sects are their money managers; Jared Kushner is the prime example. 

Trump is their “American Hitler”. 

And are the US their big “Little America” open for their biological and social experimantations ans manipulations? 

They make history. We watch. 

Is this hypothesis investigated in honest?

Michael Novakhov | 11:24 AM 6/12/2022 – Post Link

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