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The CoronaVirus Alerts

October 4, 2022 4:42 pm

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CoronaVirus News Review In Brief

CoronaVirus News Review In Brief: Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: 1:23 PM 10/28/2020 – Vaccine is likely to be imperfect and might not prevent infection, warns head of UK task force

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Mike Nova’s favorite articles on Inoreader 
Russia News Review News: Vaccine is likely to be imperfect and might not prevent infection, warns head of UK task force
PBSNewsHour’s YouTube Videos: WATCH LIVE: Biden delivers remarks on the coronavirus pandemic
AlJazeeraEnglish’s YouTube Videos: Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of killing 21 civilians in missile strike
ReutersVideo’s YouTube Videos: Merkel plans circuit-break lockdown as German virus cases surge
PBSNewsHour’s YouTube Videos: WATCH LIVE: Trump speaks at campaign rally in Goodyear, Arizona
Syrian opposition fears being left behind again after US election – Al-Monitor
New polling shows how the pandemic is hobbling Trumps reelection chances
Ex-FBI Director Comey defends FBI Russia probe in Senate hearing – Reuters
German study finds suspected cases of far-right extremism in police forces – The Washington Post
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes panned for knocking Kushner, Israel peace deals as ‘cynical and transactional’ – Fox News
Israel’s coronavirus positivity rate remains low 10 days after some restrictions eased – Ynetnews
Muslim Public Affairs Council: Cuomos COVID-19 red zones are scapegoating Jews
В США заявили, что готовы развернуть ракеты в Европе для сдерживания РФ
1. Russia from Michael_Novakhov (115 sites): “russia” – Google News: Deal in case that led to US investor’s arrest in Russia – Yahoo Finance Australia
1. Russia from Michael_Novakhov (115 sites): “shoigu” – Google News: The Russian Army recruited medics as the number of daily COVID-19 deaths was at record levels – The Queens County Citizen
1. World from Michael_Novakhov (27 sites): FOX News: Russian hackers are going after everything, from elections to industrial systems
Coronavirus: Germany to impose one-month partial lockdown – Deutsche Welle
Analysis: Merkel’s success overshadowed by ugly battle to succeed her – Reuters
“We are in a very serious situation”, says Merkel – Devdiscourse
Alert: Merkel: German officials agree to 4-week partial shutdown closing restaurants, bars, theaters, among other restrictions – The Wilton Bulletin

Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠

CoronaVirus News Review In Brief

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