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CoronaVirus News Review In Brief: The News And Times: 12:29 AM 2/12/2021 – Recent Posts

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12:29 AM 2/12/2021 – Recent Posts

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The News And Times

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CoronaVirus News Review In Brief
The News And Times 
The News And Times – Blog Posts
5:52 PM 2/11/2021 – Podcasts Review – Latest episodes
1:49 PM 2/11/2021 FBI investigates the Counterintelligence aspects of the Capitol Riot
February 11, 2021 Michael Novakhov: The false flags and the very real flagpoles: The Capitol Riot as the focus of the Counterintelligence Investigations – Articles
10:09 AM 2/11/2021 – The Capitol Riot as the focus of the Counterintelligence Investigations – Tweets
Who are the ultimate authors and masterminds of the Capitol Riot plot and who are the Trump’s handlers? Putin? Russia? The New Abwehr? Germany? All of the above? None of the above? – M.N. | A majority of the people arrested for Capitol riot had a history of financial trouble | Capitol rioters financial problems as counterintelligence risk
5:33 AM 2/11/2021 – The rage, pain, and hurt of the white working and the lower middle class who lost its social status and felt betrayed creates the fertile ground for American Fascism | Right-wing extremism in the United States | The New Abwehr says: the threat and danger of the right wing extremism in America is just as palpable as the birth of fascism in Germany in 1930-s.
5:07 PM 2/10/2021
9:01 AM 2/10/2021 – Podcasts Review
8:08 AM 2/10/2021 – Podcasts Review
6:01 AM 2/10/2021 – Podcasts Review – Latest episodes
2:48 PM 2/9/2021 – Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial begins
11:29 – 8:31 AM 2/9/2021 – Podcasts Review
7:39 AM 2/9/2021 Investigate The Investigators! How many of the current and past FBI agents participated in the organizing, planning, and the execution of the Capitol Riot?
5:14 AM 2/9/2021 – Latest Podcasts Episodes
3:58 PM 2/6/2021 – The News And Times Blog on Blogger from Michael Novakhov
6:27 PM 2/8/2021 – Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks
Tweets by @mikenov – 6:07 PM 2/8/20
21:30:21 UTC – Covid-19 US: NYC man in 70s dies 25 minutes after getting vaccine | The killing of two FBI agents last week at a lake-bordered community in South Florida marked the first time since November 2008 that an FBI agent was fatally shot in the line of duty
4:13 AM 2/8/2021 – Podcasts Review – Latest episodes
12:53 PM 2/7/2021 – News Review
8:08 AM 2/7/2021 – Penguins Spared After Mammoth Iceberg Splits Into Smaller Pieces – News Review
5:59 PM 2/6/2021 – News Review
Video News Review – 5:02 PM 2/6/2021

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